The Well - The Church in the Y - in Sumner, WA

Kids Curriculum

Welcome + I Matter


How down work together to live out God’s mission?

Find out how we, as Jesus’ followers, can all work together as a community to bring the message of Jesus to the whole world.

Then we talk about: What does a kid have to offer? Everything!

In this series, kids will learn how to follow the path God has prepared for them. Each week focuses on one aspect of God-given purpose that will bring God glory: the things they are good at, the things they care about, and the experiences they have been through.

Part 1 - Welcome!

June 9th

Part 2 - What Are You Good At?

June 16th

Part 3 - What Do You Care About?

June 23rd

Part 4 - What I've Been Through

June 30th