The Well - The Church in the Y - in Sumner, WA

Kids Curriculum

Purpose + Worship


Everyone winds up somewhere, but few get there on purpose! Our kids should be intentional about the path they take. This series encourages children to follow the path God has prepared for them. Each week of this four-part series focuses on one aspect of God-given purpose that will bring God glory. Children will think about the things they are good at, the things they care about, and the experiences they have been through. Kids will better understand who they are, which in turn better prepares them to submit to God and walk in the purpose He has intended for them.

Our Purpose

May 27th

What I'm Good At

June 3rd


We can worship God all the time, anywhere!

In this series, kids will find out how to worship God honestly, with our whole hearts, for who He truly is. As we learn that worship is a genuine expression of love, admiration, and respect we feel towards God, we’ll grow closer to Him over this 3-week series and beyond!

True Worship

June 10th

When Should I Worship?

June 17th

What Do I Worship?

June 24th