The Well - A Church in Sumner, WA
The Well


Biblically Formed


by Jerrod Rumley
We are all formed by something. Here at the Well, we desire that people become formed by the Bible. We believe it to be the very life changing truth that God himself gave to a lost people. In a letter to Timothy Paul writes about Scripture. He says that "all Scripture" is inspired. Literally he means God breathed. God empowered gifted and diverse men to write in their own style a Holy Spirit inspired text. This text was written over 2000 years by 40 different authors and bound as a collection of 66 books. It has been burned, twisted, lost, found, reshaped, reworked, and republished. In that it has stood the test of time.
So I propose, that instead of the 3000+ images you will be hit with every week and the countless number of messages that you are bombarded with be formed by God's Word. Day in day out let it do a work in you first. Don't read to finish, read to change. Find a program or plan that works for you. Fight the temptation to let your Bible collect dust on your nightstand. If you don't understand it, get help. God is not a god of confusion but of clarity. He desires for you to get it and get Him. May you be encouraged in your journey today. May the word break forth fresh in your life.